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2020 Audit

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All I've learnt, changed, achieved and discovered in 2020. I wanna do this at the end of each year to synthesise pattern eventually and discover myself and surrounding.


  • I've revised my car driving skills from merely holding a driving license to actually being able to drive on roads with traffic.

  • I've learned to cook functionally. Meaning I can feed myself round the year sustainably and occasionally friends/family.

  • Ukulele, Guitar, Cajon, Kalimba (I already know synthesizer since 2 decades, about time I expanded horizontally. Lockdown helped a lot.)

  • VueJS + Django (built a side project at work)

  • Putting together this blog

  • Listen more and speak less

  • That one of my strengths is understanding what someone needs at work without them having to say it or knowing what they actuall want

  • Selling myself better

  • German on DuoLingo

  • to hold sensitive information from people and not spread it around.

  • Introduction to AI


  • Political leaning. All these years I've been supporter of what my dad taught me was a great political party, leader.

  • I consume much less sugar. Mostly to be socially compatible. (I have house mate, friends, family who are still normal happy beings.) Its no longer a discipline or that I control myself, I naturally do not feel like missing sugary treats anymore.

  • Grooming. I get better hair cut from better place, in good time. I wear relatively smart clothes. I prefer quality over price than my earlier self.

  • I eat between 10 AM - 6 PM daily (except on social gatherings)

  • I try to adhere to raw food diet

  • I deleted my facebook/instagram accounts.

  • Work stream. From software test engineer to product management.

  • Lost touch with my college best friends.


  • Lean physique

  • I've never missed workouts more than 2 days in a row

  • Reduced netflix, primevideo, youtube consumption significantly (1 hour per day)

  • Lived alone for a month in Bangalore

  • No alcohol, smoke

  • Growth mindset

  • Started reading consistently (The art of saying No, Predictably irrational, 21 Lessons for 21st Century)



  • Thailand, work offsite

  • Hyderabad for VISA

  • San Francisco for work

  • Rajkot, family visit

Overall, there has been a huge delta between my self a year before and now. I've loved every change. I want atleast as many changes towards progress and better self, if not more than 2020.

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